Do you know what is the most powerful Free Marketing tool?

Customer Reviews.

Yes, Customer reviews are very effective, it is the best tool to generate tons of leads and attract new customers.

As a small and local business, it is very hard to stand out and attract new customers in the cutthroat competitive world.

It makes it crucial for the local businesses to stand out, that’s where the magic of Reviews comes into play.

If you have ever read customer reviews before choosing a local restaurant and business, then you know how effective are they.

According to Bright Local…

Rise of Unicorns in India - The Startup Decade

Have you seen Unicorns in Real life?

Well, you might have not, because they are quite rare.

But not in the year 2021.

You can easily find them, building the nation in the Beautiful land called India.

Yes, India has witnessed a total of 13 new Unicorns, in the year 2021, so far by the mid of May.

Isn’t it Incredible?

Recently Moglix, the startup backed by Mr. Ratan Tata, turned into a Unicorn. It is an Indian industrial business-to-business (B2B) marketplace. …

Everybody knows that the time is tougher these days. Being an Indian, you must have heard someone close about the COVID-19 infection and getting affected by it. Though, startups and ecosystem is flourishing amid these times. Especially, digitally empowered ones. One such startup is Priyaasi which has gone through a remarkable year recently. Here a software developer, Priyanka Khandelwal turned entrepreneur into a completely new Industry that disrupted the market.

Priyaasi tapped into the market that was not popular as it is now. The D2C oriented jewelry apparel industry has pretty few pan-India-based brands. And Priyaasi was no other than…

Podcasts are winning the hearts of the people of India and becoming the favourite content format. It has shown incredible growth in the last 2–3 years. All thanks to the pandemic, India has become the world’s largest podcast listening market as per the report by PwC.

Have you heard this for the first time?

Then, keep reading, a lot of surprises are there showing the potential in Podcasting.

Anchor has added more than 25,000 podcasts from India in the year 2020. Currently, India has around 57.6 million monthly listeners, as per the Media and Entertainment Outlook 2020 report by PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Our beautiful country, India is known for its diversity. We have several cultures, languages, states, religions. With diversity in everything, comes diverse perspectives and opinions.

Indians have got not just diverse but very interesting thinking about startups. After a lot of research, the thinking of Indians has been put into 4 types.

Do you also fall in one of those?

Let’s uncover it.

In the last 5 years, our country has seen an incredible rise in the number of Indian Startups. A number of them have become unicorns. Indian startups are luring investors worldwide due to their enormous potential.


In the past few years, we have noticed people speaking a lot more on the importance of collaborative work and the open-office layouts. The team’s productivity tools have exploded and particularly amid corona.

This seems not only an important element to drive towards a common goal. But there is yet another impactful research that confirms that when people work as a tribe, they unleash their energy along with their creativity, engagement, and efficiency.

We all know everyone has their unique talent and not every individual is the same. All their neurons might fire together but not at the same frequency.

On 23rd Feb 2020, Mukesh Ambani in a talk said that he observes online gaming as the next big thing in India. He also thinks that it can become much bigger than music, movies, and Tv serials all combined. He conveyed this a week before the annual Indian gaming awards.

Level One:

Games are not something that just pops out of nothing. Games have always been a part of every culture because humans at the end of the day need enjoyment and fun. Being monotonous is very boring, which evoked several intellects in the past to develop board games.

The game Senet…

Strategies on Human-Media Marketing: The Affiliate Marketing Strategies for the win.

The human media is day by day evolving. It’s less about things and more about people and ideas. The highlight is these media are available to all different kinds of business verticals, and it costs, what you would expect guerrilla human media to cost, i.e. nothing. The best part is that it has the potential to transform a business into an empire, based on very tiny details.

Human media, at the core, would start with the command center in the brain, then proceed to the human support systems. …


Why I think INVESTING in Business relations is the best investment!

Business Loyalty is the only Game plan you need for a long term business relationship.

It’s quite sad that the people who are introverts tend to invent and create stuff that fulfills purposes. They are often found to have a high level of creativity, they do struggle to have strong cognitive skills or interpersonal form factors. Especially people in this category have a high level of hatred, particularly people who created marvelous creations for humanity, but they couldn’t make it to market.


They are unaware that running a…

Their is no overnight success

A Chinese bamboo tree is just like any other regular tree but it has something special.

Just like any other plant, you need to give it water, soil, sunlight, nutrients, and the most important thing is “CARE”.

After putting in so much effort, it shows no growth for the first year.Second-year, no growth!

Third, Fourth year, again no growth, it’s not even above the ground yet.But does it mean all your hard work and CARE go in vain?

Not yet!

The miracle begins in the 5th year!…The …

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